Winter 2019

Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-3 p.m.  |  Washington Hall 115

Course Description

How do various web tools and platforms dictate how we interact with each other? Why do we use some platforms for personal reasons, others for coursework, and some for professional purposes? Is there one correct way to use the web? In this seminar, we will critically examine social media platforms, information repositories, apps, and other tools to create personal understandings of how a tool or company’s motive influences not just our personal use of information, but how we interact with our community. Themes include online identity, privacy, democracy, and the academic web. We will explore these topics through the lenses of inclusiveness, information bias, “Big Data,” and social networks. The course culminates in a multimedia narrative, giving students hands-on experience with various web publishing and content management technologies.

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A Glimpse at the Students in DCI 180 Winter 2019